Meet Our mascot: Little miss Lucy - A feisty little Wiry Fox Terrier.

This little madam has lots of brothers and sisters at home, but she landed her cute little butt in the butter. She gets to go to work with her mom and dad everyday at their Veterinary Clinic in Assagay, where she vets all their patients. 

And if you visit often enough, you may even get a little nudge from Lucy which tells you that she grants you permission to pick her up for a cuddle.

It goes without saying but Lucy has excellent taste in beds, and this little madam very quickly made herself at home in our of our Bragg Bag Lilypads - the first time we introduced her mom and dad to the Bragg Bags product range.

Here we see Lucy modelling a Snowleopard Bomber Harness - looking oh so gorgeous in the process.

Watch this space as we add more shots of this perfect little model!

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