So you're in the market for Pet Insurance, here are some interesting points (the small print ) to consider:

Excess per/event :

  • Don't get snookered into taking a cover option that supposedly pays for routine vet visits (vaccinations and teeth cleaning are a good example) The excess payable for getting a Rabies Shot can cost as much as the Rabies shot itself

Just how much cover is "full" cover:

  • Just like a "human" Medical Aid, only pays whatever the Medical Aid Rate, well so too, does your Pet Insurance cover.   So as much as you think that your full cover policy covers all costs associated with your incident / event (bar the excess payable per event), it may in fact not. So before you part with your debit order details ensure that "full cover" in fact is full and not just Veterinary Medical Aid Rates (super sneaky) 
  • Remember that there is always a 30 day notice period when you cancel your policy

Don't ignore the cost of fulfilling  "Pre-Claim Conditions" 

  • The cost of fitting a tracking device
  • The cost of ensuring all your pets vaccinations are up to date and being able to provide proof thereof
  • Being able to submit a complete medical history regardless of whether you are the original owner of your pet or adopted your pet out of the goodness of your heart

Zero discount for paying your premiums 12 months in advance

  • There is no cost benefit to you as the customer to pay your premiums 12 months in advance

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