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A very majestic Siberian Husky with particular tastes. Rush loves being active and when given the opportunity it becomes very apparent why Huskies are called working dogs. But when all the work is done, he demonstrates just how rewarding a rest in the very comfortable Bragg Bags Lodge Bed is.


A young Rotweiler lass, who spends all her time playing with her brothers and sisters; which of course is very hard work. Here she is chilling in her lounge on one of the famous Bragg Bags Flats, which comes in a number of customisable finishes. This flat was made with Orthopedic Foam, Navy Blue Shepherdsfleece and Ripstop Canvas. 


Thomas is a very special little boy, a Persian Chincilla with the biggest green eyes ever! While he adapts to his new environment, he ventures outside under supervision, wearing the Bragg Bags Snowleopard Bomber Harness. He is a modern boy and finishes the look with a pink leash (mainly because mom couldn't find another colour leash at the time)


This little boy, is a fragile pup and sadly suffers from Brittle Bone disease. To meet his special needs, he needed a bed with good support, but low enough to get in and out of without having to raise his paws too high. From the snuggling taking place in this photograph it is clear to see that the Bragg Bags Lilipad fits that bill.

     Mac and his dad Lance going for a walk

MAC's Story

Introducing - BIG MAC ( Golden Belgian Shepherd ) - he is a SPCA rescue.  Named Mac as Lance always wanted to name a boy dog after the MC in his McNeil surname! When he joined our pack in 2010  he was painfully thin, his paws were worn through from many days on the road. He is a big galoomf and a loverboy of note. He schmoozes everyone , adores children and talks a lot through yapping at you when you arrive for a visit  and when you leave.  He loves going for walks and  ALSO has an insatiable desire for motorbikes - his secret dream is to ride one!




Why were you named Boston Riley?

The Boston Part –in memory of all who lost limbs!

 I was found hopping and frightened on a highway to hell, a week after the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013  where pain and sadness was transformed into hope and strength through community.

Oh Yes and the Riley part– means Valiant and Courageous! 


I don’t really remember, all I know is it hasn’t been an easy hop (pardon the pun)!

The vets that have examined me believe its possible I lost my left paw through trauma, either chopped or bitten off. The area I was found in really bad things have happened to animals there.

On the 21 April 2013  I was abandoned minus my paw on a busy highway near Tokai - the Western Cape of Southern Africa. I was 6 weeks old, not able to walk, hopping, flopping  & falling. 

Boy - That was rough.  And scary.

My heart pounded as huge trucks and cars kept whizzing past at frightening speeds.  Actually It was awful.   It was the worst moment of my week.


An angel stopped for me. Gentle hands scooped me up and held me to her heart. She whispered love into my ear.  Her name  Helene Strydom  - my angel of hope. As my luck it turned out she is an animal rescuer with RAD (rescued animal drive in the western  cape)  She promised to find me a forever home that would keep me and love me forever.

She sent out the call on facebook , far and wide my story was read.

I was known then as ‘Trompie ‘ because it rhymed with Stompie ( my missing paw)


As the hunt for my forever began, the Angel of Hope - Helene and her mother, the very Loving Linda ( who wears me like a scarf)  took me in.They both provided Me with a sense of protection, safety, specialness. 

Things to give love. Things to help the space around me feel loved protected, and safe!  Even 4 legged friends to play with, a new BFF Joob!

Feeling safe is a big deal, not just for me but for everybody !


Far way on the east coast of Natal the call about me was heard and heeded. The Mc Neil’s        ( my new adoptive parents) read of my plight and placed an urgent request for my adoption.

It was approved!

I was officially adopted on the 22 April and named Boston Riley McNeil! I flew to my forever home during the first week of May 2013.04.29 

How cool is this  - my new home is on a farm actually called “Forever!”


Since birth I have been holding hands with a super power called Hope!Hope does not need legs to start over.  Hope rebuilds no matter what.  Hope grabs you by your heart, with a spirited force much larger than any tragedy and it carries you into your future.  Drops you into a brand new life.  Where you get to learn new skills, new habits, new thoughts.

You change. With or without.. legs... you rebuild.  You rebuild more than you could have ever imagined.  But you must believe first.  Believe that life has more good in it than bad. 

Even when bombs explode or people do unspeakable things to injure and hurt animals or people, we must stand together, believe in  Hope and our lives can become beautiful again.


No dogma (pardon the pun) just straight forward paying it forward!

For everyone to remember to  keep Hope Afloat no matter their circumstances. For everyone to re-home a Jack Russell ( we are such fun!)  For People to help all the other Furry Friends not just JR’s  like Me to find forever homes. Oh Yes and Please to Keep it clean people!

Don’t you feel we all shine brighter and  love bigger, when we reach out and help one another? Life is kind.  Be the reason.

If you'd like to follow Riley's adventures on line copy and paste this link into your browser window: https://www.facebook.com/Rileypaysitforward/

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